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How many MidAir products can I use at once in the same space?
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Q: How many MidAir wireless devices can be operated at once in the same room? For example, can 30 units operate together in a classroom?

 A:  Working at 2.4GHz, all MidAir systems can theoretically support up to 256 devices in the same space, and are designed to continuously adapt to provide the best performance possible.  However, radio frequency (RF) interference caused by environmental conditions such as wireless LANs, 2.4GHz wireless phones, microwave ovens, other transmitting devices, and noise generated by other nearby devices may limit the practical number of MidAir products that can be used simultaneously. Given this dependency on the amount of RF-“noise” present in a given space, the number of MidAir devices one can use simultaneously will always be determined by the specifics of your chosen venue.