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Serial number not working for Torq 1.5
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Q: I am trying to enter my serial number in Torq 1.5 but it will not accept it.

A: Torq 1.5 requires a Torq 1.5 software serial number.  The serial number from your Conectiv or Xponent will not unlock the Torq software.  If your product packaging mentions Torq 1.5, your Torq 1.5 serial number will be on a printed card included with the CDs and documentation.  If your product packaging does not mention Torq 1.5, please see this guide for instructions on obtaining a Torq 1.5 serial number.

If you copy and paste your serial number to Torq, make sure there are no spaces at the beginning or end, then click OK.  If you type it in, all letters must be capitalized and any 0's are zero's and not letters; then click OK.  Do not type any dashes (-) as part of the serial number; if you see these on your Torq 1.5 serial number card, these are only there to make the serial number easier to read.