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Legacy Operating System and Driver Support, MacOS 9
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Legacy Operating System and Driver Support

M-Audio takes driver support very seriously. Our development team is constantly working to update drivers for current operating systems, and create new drivers that will allow seamless operation with upcoming operating system releases from Microsoft and Apple.

There comes a point where Microsoft and Apple “freeze” an operating system—meaning that they discontinue further development on it and focus on the next generation of features and performance. We are generally committed to continued support for older operating systems and drivers with which a given M-Audio product was designed to work. Like most other third-party manufacturers, however, we must at some point also freeze further driver development for operating systems that have themselves been frozen by Apple and Microsoft. (Indeed it is often impossible to bring features available in newer operating systems to old systems and drivers, as is the case with Mac OS X versus OS 9.) Thank you for understanding that freezing development while still supporting legacy operating systems and drivers allows us to devote our resources to projects that will bring even greater benefit to you and other M-Audio customers in the future.