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USB MIDI Devices: Series I MIDI and Series II MIDI
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M-Audio USB MIDI devices are divided into two categories based on differences in their hardware and firmware architecture: “Series I MIDI” and “Series II MIDI”.

Note: The latest Series II MIDI Drivers now include support for Series I devices.

Series I MIDI

All Series I MIDI devices utilize the same driver and support Mac OS 9 and OS X, as well as Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP Home, XP Professional, and all 32-bit versions of Windows Vista. Series I MIDI devices are NOT compatible with M-Audio’s Enigma Librarian/Editor software.

Series II MIDI

All Series II MIDI devices are class compliant for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Mac OS X. This means that no driver is required for basic operation.  For qualified versions of Windows, users can download and install an M-Audio driver if they wish to (1) use a Series II MIDI device with more than one application at the same time, (2) use long SysEx (system exclusive) commands, (3) use advanced MIDI data (such as MTC quarter frame, song select, or song pointer messages), or (4) simultaneously use other class-compliant USB devices with audio capabilities.  No drivers are needed to utilize all Series II MIDI features under Mac OS X. Some, but not all, Series II MIDI devices offer support for Mac OS 9, as well as Windows 98SE, ME, and/or 2000; please check the download page for driver availability. 

For certain Series II MIDI devices that feature assignable knobs and/or faders**, M-Audio offers the Enigma Librarian/Editor software as a free download.

Series II MIDI
Series I MIDI

Axiom 25
Axiom 25 (2nd gen)
Axiom 49
Axiom 49 (2nd gen)
Axiom 61
Axiom 61 (2nd gen)

Axiom Pro 25

Axiom Pro 49
Axiom Pro 61
eKeys 37
eKeys 49

Keystation Pro 88
Keystation 88es
Keystation 49e
Keystation 61es
KeyStudio 25
KeyStudio 49
KeyRig 25
KeyRig 49
MidAir 25
MidAir 37
Midisport Uno (Current Rev)
Midisport 1x1 (black)
Midisport 2x2 (Anniv Ed.)
Midisport 4x4 (Anniv Ed.)

Oxygen 8 v2
Oxygen 25
Oxygen 49 (silver)
Oxygen 49 (blue)
Oxygen 61 (silver)
Oxygen 61 (blue)
Oxygen 88

ProKeys 88
ProKeys 88sx

X-Session UC-17
X-Session Pro
Trigger Finger

Keystation 49 (not “e”)
Keystation 61 (not “es”)
Midisport 1x1 (clear top)
Midisport 2x2
Midisport 2x4
Midisport 4x4
Midisport 8x8/s
Midisport Uno USB (Version 1)
Oxygen8 (not “v2”)

* Some devices may require Service Pack 2.

** The following Series II MIDI devices feature knobs and/or sliders, but are not compatible with Enigma: Axiom Pro, Axiom (2nd gen), Oxygen 25, Oxygen 49 (blue), Oxygen 61 (blue), MidAir 25, MidAir 37, MK-225C, MK-249C, MK-361C, UC-16, and UC-33 (not “e”).