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Can you separate the Xponent's Master & Booth Outputs and use an external DJ Mixer?
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Q: Is it possible to separate the Master and Booth outputs on Xponent?  I want to send Deck A to the Master and Deck B to the booth, how can I do this?

A: The Master and Booth outputs are mirrored and are not separately addressable; it is not possible to route different decks to the Master and Booth outputs independently.  Outputs 1/2 are the Master/Booth outputs, and Outputs 3/4 is the Xponent headphone output.  The Xponent is designed to be used with Torq in External Mixer Mode.  It is possible to select Exteranl Mixer Mode, route Deck A to 1/2 (Master/Booth) and Deck B to 3/4 (headphones), and then connect to separate channels on a DJ mixer, the headphone output is hotter than line level and may overload and distort the input to an external mixer.