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Logic Express not receiving from ADAT inputs 5-8
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Q: I’m trying to record from ADAT inputs 5-8 on my M-Audio FireWire device using Logic Express.  How do I configure Logic Express to receive audio from these last 4 ADAT inputs?

 A: The Project Mix I/O and the FireWire 1814 can be configured for a maximum of 16 simultaneous audio inputs (analog + ADAT); the Profire 2626 is capable of recording 26 simultaneous inputs, and ProFire Lightbridge is capable of recording 34 simultaneous inputs; however, Logic Express only supports a maximum of 12 inputs. With the ProjectMix I/O and the FireWire 1814, the 1st 8 inputs into Logic Express will be Analog ins 1-8, and inputs 9-12 will be for the ADAT inputs 1-4.  With the Profire 2626, you can arrange the input channel ordering from the ProFire control panel and Logic Express will receive signal from the first 12 inputs.  With ProFire Lightbridge, ins 1-8 to Logic Express will be the 1st ADAT input, and 9-12 will be the 1st 4 channels of ADAT in 2.  Unfortunately there is no way to configure Logic Express to record in or playback from inputs/outputs 13 and above.