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No sound on MIDI playback
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Q: How can I play MIDI files with my M-Audio device?

A: M-Audio MIDI controllers and audio interfaces do not have an on-board Synthesizer chip.  This means that they don't have a component that creates any instrument sounds like piano, drums, trumpets etc.

You either need to use an external MIDI Synthesizer or a Sound Module that connects to the MIDI output of your M-Audio device (only applies to models with a MIDI port – e.g. Fast Track Pro, FireWire 410, Delta 1010, etc.).

Another way is to use virtual (software) synthesizers.  In Windows, a built in virtual Sythesizer (Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth) can be used to make MIDI audible on the USB audio device’s audio outputs.  The software program Winamp includes the same virtual Synthesizer, even for Windows 98SE/ME. Start Winamp and configure the Input-Midi-Plugin at Options->Plug-ins->Input->Winamp2 MIDI Plugin->Configure->Device: midiout / Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth.

Software programs like Cubase or Ableton Live (for example) have a VSTi-Plug-in Interface.  Using this interface, these software programs can load Virtual Instrument plugins (e.g. G-Force M-Tron, Native Instruments B4, etc.) that can be played like a real Synthesizer from within the application.

Through these software synthesizer applications, MIDI can be transformed into sound and played back.