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USB Midisport Series with Digi001 (OS 9.x)
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Q. Can I use the Digi001 with the MIDISport?

A. Yes. However, with the MIDISport and the Digi001 in the OMS folder, ProTools will not recognize MIDI input from the MIDISport. This means that when using a MIDISport you cannot use the MIDI in and out on the Digi001 interface. All other Digi001 features will work properly.

  1.   Open the OMS Folder, located in the system folder on the Macintosh HD.

  2.   Locate the MIDISport OMS driver in this folder. Click and drag it to the desktop for later use.

  3.   After doing this, trash the following files and folders.
a. OMS Folder in the system folder.
b. Opcode folder on the Macintosh HD.
c. Open Music System extension in the extensions folder.
d. USB OMS MIDI driver from extensions folder.

  4.   Empty Trash.

  5.   Unplug the MIDISport and restart the computer.

  6.   Install OMS 2.3.8.

  7.   After installation, take the MIDISport OMS driver and put it back in the OMS folder located in the system folder.

  8.   Plug the MIDISport back into the computer.

  9.   Configure OMS to use the MIDISport and configure Protools to use the MIDISport.

 10.   You should then be up and running!