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ProFire Series Drivers cannot co-exist with FireWire Series Drivers
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At this time, the ProFire 610 and ProFire 2626 drivers cannot be installed on a system that has another M-Audio FireWire Series device installed.  These devices include FireWire Audiophile, FireWire Ozonic, FireWire Solo, FireWire 410, FireWire 1814, NRV10, ProFire Lightbridge, and ProjectMix I/O.

Currently, you must uninstall the existing M-Audio FireWire Series Driver before installing the ProFire 610 or ProFire 2626 drivers. 

If a ProFire 610 or ProFire 2626 driver is installed on a system, its driver must be uninstalled before installing another M-Audio FireWire Series device.


**  The Firewire Series and ProFire Series drivers can co-exist on a Mac when the latest ProFire drivers are installed.