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Audiophile 192 not detected in Apple's G5
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Q: I installed an Audiophile 192 into my G5, but it's not detected by the Computer (no listing in AMS, error message in AP192 control panel, etc.). What can I do about this?

A: Open the Audiophile192 control panel (ignore the error message), switch to the S/PDIF tab and activate the "Compatibility Mode" checkbox.

With this setting active, the channel order will be 1/2 = S/PDIF, 3/4 = Analog.

After the card was detected for the first time, you can deactivate "Compatibility Mode" again to restore the channel order 1/2 =Analog, 3/4 S/PDIF.  In most cases, the AP192 will still be seen by the computer after this, however in some rare cases, the G5 will not see the card anymore and the only way you can operate it is with "Compatibility mode" being active.

Note: Compatibility Mode needs to be active when working with Pro Tools M-Powered or when playing encoded digital audio surround sound over the S/PDIF port (AC-3 / DTS).