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AMS (Audio MIDI Setup), MIDI Devices section
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Apple’s AMS (Audio MIDI Setup) utility is where you make OS-related settings for your audio and MIDI devices. You can find it in Macintosh HD>Applications>Utilities.

On top of the AMS screen you will find buttons for “Audio Devices” and “MIDI Devices”.  Clicking on either one allows you view and edit either audio or MIDI settings.

MIDI Devices section:
Every MIDI device that is correctly installed and connected to your computer will show with a device icon and labeled with the device name.

If your MIDI device(s) is absent or ghosted (’grayed-out’) then the system is not recognizing it and it will not work properly.

If you have any problems with the detection of your MIDI device in AMS, delete any grayed-out interfaces, and then click the “Rescan MIDI “-button.

If this does not solve the problem, unplug the MIDI device’s USB cable (for USB devices only, never do this with a bus-powered FireWire device) and plug it back in.  This will often cause it to be re-recognized.

If your MIDI device still doesn’t appear in AMS, make a new MIDI configuration by clicking on the “Configuration” pull down menu and select “New Configuration”.  Then enter a name for the new configuration and click “OK”.  Now “Rescan MIDI” again.

If this does not work, reboot your system and repeat above steps.

If none of the above tips worked out, uninstall- and re-install the driver for your MIDI device (does not apply to class compliant MIDI devices), check all cable connections and power supply and make sure the device is turned on.

If your device is displayed correctly but you can’t get any MIDI input- or output, click the “Test Setup” button (MacOS 10.3 and higher only).  The mouse pointer will turn into musical notes.  Please note the triangles on your MIDI device icon’s bottom end that are pointing to- and away from it.  Click on the one that points away (downward) and some MIDI notes will be sent out to the MIDI output port and be played through any external MIDI Synthesizer that may be connected.  Sending MIDI into the computer should cause your Mac to make a “ping” sound (make sure your speakers are on and that you can hear other system alert sounds through them).  The arrow pointing towards (upward) your MIDI device icon should – at the same time, light up in blue for a short time.  If any of the above tests worked successfully (Synthesizer responding to MIDI notes, ping sound or flashing arrow), your MIDI device is working just fine and the problem lies elsewhere.