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Configuring Apple MainStage for use with M-Audio devices
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This guide will show you how to setup your M-Audio audio interface in Apple MainStage.

Before proceeding, you must install the latest drivers for your device.

1. Launch MainStage

2. Select Preferences from the MainStage menu, then click Audio.

3. Click the drop down for Input Device and select your M-Audio device.

It is recommended that you connect your speakers or headphones directly to your M-Audio interface and also select your M-Audio interface for Audio Output.  If your speakers are connected directly to your computer, or if you are using a laptop with built in speakers, you can leave the Audio Output set to “Built-in Audio”.  Note that using a different device for input and output may increase latency.

4. Click Apply Changes and then close the Preferences window.

For more information on configuring and using MainStage, check out the Logic Resources from Apple, or contact Apple's Technical Support.