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2 MIDI devices of the same type in Mac OS X
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Q: I have two M-Audio MIDI devices of the same type (e.g. two MIDISPORT 8x8/s) and try to use them both at the same time in Mac OS X. When I check the MIDI devices tab in Audio MIDI Setup, both of them are shown, but when I try to use them in my MIDI application, I can only use one of them. What can I do about this?

A: Simply rename one of the icons for your M-Audio MIDI device in  Audio MIDI Setup (while your MIDI software is closed). When you open your MIDI software now, both M-Audio MIDI devices should be available and working perfectly.

This also applies to the use of the Midisport 8x8 Remote Control Panel - there's no indicator which 8x8 you are controlling until you rename one of them in Audio MIDI Setup (AMS).