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Can I adjust the range of the pitch bend with my M-Audio Keyboard?
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Q: How can I adjust the pitch bend range/sensitivity when using my M-Audio keyboard (e.g. I want to be able to bend 2 octaves instead of 1)?

A: This depends on the software or hardware you are controlling.  Some software and hardware allow you to change this from within the software or hardware itself; and some are able to respond to MIDI pitch bend sensitivity messages.  M-Audio Series II MIDI Controllers use MIDI CC 128 to send MIDI pitch bend sensitivity changes to the receiving device.  Please refer to your devices documentation for instructions on assigning CC 128 to a knob, slider, or to the modulation wheel.

With CC128 (pitch bend sensitivity) assigned to a knob, slider,  modulation wheel, you can use move said controller to adjust the pitch bend range of the device you are controlling.  If your device or software is not responding to pitch bend sensitivity changes, refer to its documentation to see if it is possible to adjust the pitch bend range.