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ProjectMix I/O Control Surface Setup Logic Pro/Express
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This is a quick walkthrough on how to setup your ProjectMix I/O as a Mackie Control Surface in Logic Pro/Express.

1. The first step is to put your ProjectMix I/O into Logic mode: Hold down the AUX 3 button while powering on the unit. The mode will be confirmed in the LCD display when the ProjectMix I/O has initialized.

2. Setup: Once Logic is launched, the program will automatically detect the ProjectMix I/O, seeing it as a Mackie Control. Go to Logic > Preferences > Control Surface > Setup. Double click on the image of the Mackie Control. In the left column set both OUT PORT and INPUT to CONTROL.

3. Close the setup window and your ProjectMix I/O is now ready to serve as a control surface for Logic Pro/Express .