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Oxygen (blue) DirectLink configuration for Propellerhead Reason & Record
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DirectLink for the Oxygen* 3rd Gen (blue) keyboards is compatible with Propellerhead Reason 4 and 5, and Record 1.5.  Follow the steps below to install the Oxygen DirectLink personality for Reason 4 and Record 1 (Oxygen 88); DirectLink is built-in to Reason 5 and Record 1.5.  Then continue to configure the Oxygen 3rd Gen (blue) Keyboard as a control surface in Reason or Record.


Installing the DirectLink Personality - Reason 4 & Record 1 (Oxygen 88)

  1. Download Oxygen DirectLink for Reason for your operating system from our drivers/updates page at www.m-audio.com/drivers
  2. Double-click the Oxygen DirectLink for Reason Installer Package and follow the on-screen instructions


DirectLink Configuration for Reason or Record

  1. Launch Reason or Record
  2. Go to the Reason or Record Menu (Mac), or the Edit Menu (PC) and choose Preferences
  3. Select the Keyboards and Control Surfaces Page
  4. Click “Auto-Detect Surfaces” and Reason will configure your device automatically
  5. You will see a message warning you that the software will override your settings in preset 10 of your controller.  Click OK

  6. A message will tell you to Please select preset 10 once programming is complete.  Programming is complete once 'SYS' stops flashing on theOxygen 's display.  Click 'OK'.

  7. Your Oxygen Series controller will appear in the attached surfaces window with a green tick.

  8. Close the preferences menu when done.
  9. Recall Preset 10 on your Oxygen Series Keyboard:

    Oxygen 25/49/61/88:  Press the Select button on your Oxygen Series keyboard until the red dot on the LCD appears above "Preset", then press the +/- buttons until P10 appears on your keyboard's LCD display.  Preset 10 is recalled when P10, and the red dot above Preset on the LCD, disappear.

    Note: If your Oxygen keyboard was already set to Preset 10, it will need to be reloaded.  Follow the steps above to select Preset 01 first, then again to recall Preset 10.

Your Oxygen 3rd Gen (blue) keyboard will be in DirectLink mode and ready to control Reason or Record.  Whenever Reason or Record is launched, DirectLink will activate automatically and map Oxygen Controls.  For further information on using DirectLink to control Reason or Record with your Oxygen keyboard, please refer to the DirectLink for Reason documentation.